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Password Reset Enforcement – WordPress plugin

Version: 1.4.0

Last updated: May 24, 2024

Force users of your WordPress website to reset their passwords.

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What is this plugin for?

WordPress core provides an option to sent the password reset link to the users of your website; however, it does not enforce the action, meaning that users can ignore that password reset link/request.

This plugin allows you to force users of your WordPress website to reset their passwords. This is useful if you want to enforce a healthy password retention, or in case of a user data breach.

Plugin features

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Control when to reset the passwords

Choose “After current session expiry” to force users to reset their passwords after their current session expires. Choose “Immediately” to force logout of chosen users.

Apply to all users at once

You can force password reset for all users of your website. This feature is optimized to work well with unlimited number of users.

Apply to specific users only

You can force the password reset only for specific users.

Apply to users by role

You can force the password reset only for specific roles.

Multisite support

This plugin can work on a single WordPress website and the WordPress network (aka. multisite).


Easily translate all the plugin contents into your language using any tool.

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Will this plugin work on my WordPress website?

This plugin is not dependent on any third-party library, plugin, or theme. It will work with any WordPress website unless it uses any solution that changes the password functionality behavior (like single sign-on, social login, no-password login, etc).

Does it work in my language?

This plugin is translation-ready, so you can use any of your plugins or tools to translate all of the plugin content into your language. By default, everything is written in English.

What are the technical requirements for running this plugin?

This plugin requires WordPress 6.1 or greater and PHP 8.0 or greater. This plugin requires no additional libraries to work, and there are no specific hosting requirements.

This plugin was tested up to WordPress 6.5 and PHP 8.3.

Is this plugin actively maintained?

Yes, this plugin is actively maintained and regularly tested against the newest WordPress core and PHP versions. See the changelog for more details.

Do you have more questions?
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About Teydea Studio

This plugin is created and maintained by web engineering studio founded by Bartosz Gadomski – professional WordPress engineer with over 15 years of experience in wide range of projects.